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Enchanting Japan

Discover serendipity and the enchantment of Japan with Cycle Japan Tours during the stunning spring and autumn seasons. Participate in a journey to magical out of the way places that show you the real heart of Japan.

Our cycle tours in Japan’s Kansai region encompass visits to Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, old castles, quaint villages and towns, traditional thatched roof farm houses, hot springs, and seeing other special places of historical, cultural and scenic interest.

Come and explore the beautiful countryside in spring with masses of flowers and in autumn amongst the stunning changing colours.

Be enticed by a land of contrasts, a country steeped in history and tradition, a place rich in culture, while offering you an experience like no other. Enjoy, delight, savour, revel, glimpse, explore, discover, and let Japan capture your imagination like no place on earth has ever done before.

Let Cycle Japan Tours  ride you away to see and experience all this and more.
An incredible adventure awaits you !